February 7, 2011


This weekend we went to Amberg.  I posted pics on my FB.  Everyone had been except me and Taylor so it was all new to us.  I learned that getting stuff for my pretend salon was EXPENSIVE.  But the Sally's here sells professional products, so that was nice.  I was able to get some TiGi stuff but they didn't have the color line, which wasn't super surprising.  I ended up getting X Pro brand stuff along with L'Oreal Maji colors.  TiGi used to use the L'Oreal line so I'm pretty familiar with it too.  I'm very excited about all of this though.  I figure I'll put my schooling to use.  It's not going to be a real salon, of course.  Just somewhere I can do my friends hair.  But long story short, it was $173.  Whoa.  I did get a big bucket of bleach and a ton of color.  I should only need to buy specific colors if someone wants something I don't have and maybe developer later.  So that's not bad at all.  I keep telling myself.  I love doing hair so I guess in reality it's not terrible.  It provides me the ability to do it.

We also stopped and got a new couch.  I'll post a pic down there at the bottom, along with an updated picture of Jax.  We just got new ones yesterday.  We also got word that we get to pick him up on the 5th of March.  A little bit later than I had initially thought but I think it's good that this particular kennel likes to keep the pups with their Mom's until they are 10 weeks old.  It gives them a better head start, I'm sure.  The woman I am dealing with is the Vice President of the Great Dane Kennel Club of Germany so I'm guessing she knows what she is doing.  I'm excited about the new couch, we made sure that we got one with room for Jax.  The salesman kept saying we could train him not to get onto the furniture when we were asking which couches were sturdy.  No thank you.  I want to cuddle with him all the time and I don't want to sit on the floor, so why should he.  I'm totally going to break this puppy but he's going to love me and be well behaved so it's okay.  I really hope he's like Ollie and I broke him so it should work.  I hope that he and Ollie are BFF's too, when we get back to the states.

I started school today.  I had two assignments.  I finished one.  They're due the 13th so I didn't even look at the second one.  I will.  I just wanted to give myself a minute.  I'm a little anxious.  About everything.  So it's best to take baby steps for me.  Once I get a little more into the swing of things I'll be more apt to get into the assignments right when they are posted.  And...honestly...once I actually enjoy the class I'm taking.  I'm not really into this class.  And I'm not really into Biology which is my next class.  But Philosophy will be wonderful, I know it.  I am so excited about my field of choice.  I am going to seriously enjoy every bit of this.  I know I'm old.  I understand that I waited so long because I just couldn't find time and I was just not medicated enough to be able to do it, I think.  Not well anyways.  But I also hadn't really developed my own personality.  I think had I got to college right out of highschool I probably would have chose something less suited for adult me.  I wanted to major in English and minor in French.  I still like both of those courses but...well...what exactly did I want to do with that? Cause there's not a lot that can be done.  Now I have developed to the point that I know exactly what interests me.  I know exactly who I want to be.  I want to help people, teenagers in particular.  I want them to see me and know I'm like them, just a person.  I'm not some fancy psychologist of social worker.  I'm a human with human flaws.  I really think I can connect and help them in ways that maybe other people couldn't.  Teenagers think I'm cool.  I have met a lot that are just immediately smitten with me.  Not in a "in love with" type of way but just in a "wow she's cool, when I grow up I can be like that!" I'm not saying these things to sound cocky because Lord knows, I'm not.  But from a teenage perspective I am pretty cool.  I have tattoos and current hair and I talk to them life people, not like children or as if they are lesser than me.  I really believe that I can make a difference and I am so excited to be able to try.  The major in Sociology is because it will help me understand different backgrounds.  Where people are coming from.  Religions, cultures, all of the things that make us who we are even if we don't want them to.  I was thinking of majoring in Psychology but I know that with a minor I'll have enough of what I need to do what I want.  I already understand teenage psychology a lot more than some.

So yes.  A new couch, a lot of hair color, school and a puppy.  Exploring! Always exploring.  Next weekend I am hoping for Bayreuth.  Cross fingers!! I know I've said that before but things keep coming up.  This time I really want to make it happen.  Danny wants to go to Nuremburg because there is a castle there.  I am all for castles but...Bayreuth has a haunted graveyard!!!

In other news, my dog ate my Kindle.  So I need to get a new one.  NEED.  Stella is the worst dog in the universe.  Never get an English Bulldog.  I repeat, English Bulldogs are EVIL.

I thought I would mention.  I have become obsessed with light blue nail polish.  I would like to find some sky blue polish.  I got a China Glaze color called For Audrey and I swear it is Tiffany blue but I want something lighter.  So just know that within a short while baby blue will be the color that everyone wants.  This is how it happens with me.  I'm finally just going to say it, predict it.  I have a knack.  I get obsessed with a color of an item and can't find it anywhere.  Within a short while it is EVERYWHERE and of course I don't want it anymore.  So there is my fashion related prophecy.

Alright, so here are my pictures.  Do enjoy!
None of the matching furniture, we chose a dark brown leather recliner.

Izaiah Jax Teller, 6 weeks old....SO CUTE!!

Jaxy poo.  Look at that wrinkly nose and those giant paws!


Amberg, how cool is that??

So I guess that is all for today.  I need to do some wonderful online shopping, order a few things I can't find here.  Hope everyone has a lovely week!!