May 4, 2011


First, clearly I didn't do so well with the 30 days thing.  Oh well, what can ya do.  I blame school.  Things got crazy with school there for a while and nothing else was happening.  All school, all the time.

Today I took a friend to her u/s to find out the sex of her baby.  YAY!! She's having a healthy baby boy!! Everyone is having boys this year with the exception of just a couple girls.  I swear it's mostly boys though.  It's nuts!! It was really cool, her Doctor explained so much more than any American Doc has ever explained about an u/s I've ever been too.  Very in depth.

Right before we got there I got a text from Daniel informing me that someone* in his chain of command told him that from now on he was responsible for driving some OTHER random guy new guy to and from work.  Okay whatever.  He lives about 10 minutes out of the way but whatever, that's what "orders" are all about, you enlist, you get told what to do.  This someone* then proceeded to tell him that I would be responsible for driving this soldiers family around, wherever they need to go.  EXCUSE ME?!?

Now, I am a very nice person.  I have done just this for people that don't have their cars here yet or don't have their licenses my one neighbor who had surgery on her knee and can't drive her manual car.



I wasn't ordered to do so.  My husband wasn't ordered to tell me to do so.  Maybe there are marriages where this is normal, maybe there are chain of commands where this would be business as usual or whatever.  But this is not how my marriage or how my life will be working.  We have been here for 7 months and I have not met this someone*.  I haven't gotten a phone call.  Not that I'd expect to at all.  But that's all that a situation like this would require to be a go.  A little phone call maybe.  A simple, "Ms. Seely, would you mind..." would go a long way.

Last time I checked, I didn't enlist.  I am more than willing to help out where help is needed, especially in emergency situations.  During the last field exercise I took the above mentioned friend and her baby to the ER because he had a shockingly high fever.  That was the first time we met, she didn't have her license yet.  It was not an issue at all, I'd do it again in a heartbeat if she needed it, same with these people or anyone really.  But this whole situation makes me completely INSANE.

What it boils down to is respect.  I don't feel like I am being respected.  I feel like this someone* is throwing around his rank and maybe used to getting what he wants from whoever at any time because of his rank.  Maybe people are intimidated into doing what he wants...he's not that high just not that high.  I'd respect his rank, I guess, if he respected me as a person, which he has proven that he doesn't.  I asked Danny for clarification on wording twice to make sure that my annoyance was justified.  I'm obviously not going to say anything to anyone unless need be, and I don't think that need will present itself,  I feel extremely dehumanized.  Who the hell does he think he is? I know who he thinks he is...but he ain't my Daddy.

I just want to act 5 and say, "You're not the boss of me neiner neiner neiner" and slap him.

Of course I won't do that, because I'm 30 going on 40.  But I'm also not going to bow down to anyone.  And if he'd ever taken the time to meet me he'd know that.  All day I've been wandering around mumbling, "try to tell me what to do, psh"...most people that actually know me know that I'm not a rebel, exactly, just kind of...strong willed...very Aries-ish.  If you want me to do something make me feel needed or make me feel like it was my idea or chances are, it's not getting done.  Sometimes guilt works but usually it just pisses me off but straight up telling me to do it REALLY pisses me off.  And the absolute wrong way to go about doing something is trying to tell my husband to make me do something.  Bahahahaha...I am NOT the "to love and obey" kind of spouse.  I'm the Princess Diana kind of, leave out that obey and I'm in.  Obey is outdated and verging on abusive, I'm not property.  But I'm getting off on a tangent.  Did I mention Aries? The Ram? Yeah.  And I'm still pretty angry about this.  I'm not sure that this venting thing is really working.

Stupid someone*.  All this * is because I am protecting the jackassery.  Not innocent, no no.  And not stupid.  I'm sure he's a smart guy.  Maybe he's single.  Or maybe his wife is the obeying type.  Who knows.  Good for him if she is.  Poor Danny lol...poor poor Danny.


I am going to watch more Pinky & Brain and drink fizzy water and mutter to myself "try to tell me what to do stupid son of a beetch who the hell does he think he is I don't need a new Daddy psh he can go..."