October 27, 2011

Traveling, finally

It's been a long long while since I've posted a blog.  I guess it's time since things are happening.

I've finished another semester in school, Fall I.  I was going to take a class in Fall II but then we got word that Danny was going on another all expenses paid 12 month trip.  You know, the kind he goes on alone.  Well not alone, but without Taylor and I.  Courtesy of Uncle Sam.  So because of that trip, I decided I was going to take Fall II off so that I could get stuff done around the house plus get some traveling done.  I'll start back up in Spring and hit it like crazy.  I got an A in my Sociology class and a B in my English class.  I'm glad I decided to major in Sociology since clearly I'm better at Sociology than English.

We have been a few places, we went to Walhalla in Regensberg and we also went to Munich for Oktoberfest.  Uh, Oktoberfest...RIDICULOUS.  It was insane and amazing and crazy and WHOA.  But it was awesome and I'd like to go again before we head out of this country.  I'd just like to go without Taylor this time.  I'm glad she got to go, now she will always be able to say that.  That's pretty cool.

Today I just bought our way onto a a bus headed to Karlovy Vary, Czech.  It's an MWR trip.  It's going to be pretty great.  Karlovy Vary is a "spa" city.  For some reason (cause I'm goofy I guess) it's kind of reminding me of Manitou Springs.  I know it's not going to be like that, not really, but there are natural springs all over the place there that have healing properties.  And that's what the founding purposes of Manitou Springs were.  Rachel-y-poo is going to head on this trip with us...sooo exciting.  Taylor is excited too.  I'm mostly excited she gets to do stuff like this.  I'm pretty excited *I* get to do stuff like this too, I'm not gonna lie.  Karlovy Vary Wiki and Official Karlovy Vary.  Carlsbad Caverns and Carlsbad, CA was named after Karlovy.  That's pretty awesome.  This trip also stops in Cheb, I'm pretty excited about that.  Cheb is shopping.  They have crystal and pottery and...stuff.  We're talking faux everything.  I plan on getting some awesome Louis Vuitton bags.  Or at least one.  I'm also collecting "city" bags.  It started when I went to Vegas with Alisha, I got a purse that says "Las Vegas" all over it.  Then when we went to Regensberg I got one.  Now I have one that says Munchen and Oktoberfest all over it.  I hope I can find a Karlovy Vary one.  It's pretty common tourist ware these days.

Our next trip is for the following day.  I'm going to be very sore (I'm not a pro walker, our 8 miles in Munich almost killed me).  But it's to Prague.  Oh, Prague...Praha...yes.  I've wanted to go to Prague since we found out we were coming to Germany.  So finally, we've got our tickets to Prague.  Oh yes.  It's happening.  I'm sure most of you have heard of Prague, know of Prague.  It's the capital of Czech.  If you watch NCIS: LA, they just went there to save Hetti.  Uh huh.  Prague Wiki and Prague Official.  It's going to be cold but oh so amazing.  I have a feeling it will live up to my expectations.

Danny filled out a leave form a while back for another trip, a trip taking place over Thanksgiving.  We weren't sure it was going to get approved cause the CO said no leave aside from block leave would get approved but it was really only 1 day off over the normal days they'd have off.  So at the last minute (for the trip) he approved it.  WOO HOO!! So I got our tickets (they're not really tickets, I keep saying that but it's more confirmation #) for the next trip.  The one I'm most excited about for now.  Drum roll please..........let's see if you can guess from my pictures.

Step #1
Step #2
Step #3
Step #4

 Soooooo did you guess???? Okay so we're getting on a bus and going to Amsterdam, spending the day there then getting on a mini-cruise/ferry (16 hours) to New Castle, England.  From there we'll get back on the bus and spend just a little bit of time driving to..........Edinburgh, Scotland! Score!! We'll spend 2 days in Edinburgh, then repeat the trip back to Amsterdam where we'll have 1/2 a free day in Amsterdam.  But uh, back to Scotland.  WHAT?!?! Yeah.  Scotland.  I'll be in Scotland for Thanksgiving.  Uh...yeah.  And I'll have gotten there by boat.  Kinda like the Mayflower.  Even though I already told Danny that since it's cold we're gonna hit an iceberg and I'm Rose and he's Jack.  (I'm not nice and he can't swim).  We're going to see the castle in the picture above, it's part of the tour.  The next day is free day, to explore whatever we want.  I need to get a book on Edinburgh.  And Amsterdam cause both days there are free days.  So I totally need books.  I'm going from having been to USA, Mexico, and Germany to including Czech, Netherlands, England and Scotland all in one month.  Uh...yes, this is what being stationed in Germany is all about.

The next planned trip is London England in March.  Rachel, Taylor and I.  I'm hoping to talk Rachel into seeing Wicked on one of our free nights.  Mmmhmmm.  I hope there will be a Paris trip this spring too.  Then I'll just need Greece, Spain, Italy and Poland and my life will be complete.

Oh, and Canada.