November 19, 2011

Getting Ready

Well we're almost ready for our new trip. I finally packed. Almost everything, just a few small things left to pack. Today Danny found (miraculously) a wireless Apple keyboard at the PX so that I can connect my iPad to it and blog from my iPad on this nifty Blogger app. I'll be able to blog daily from the trip. Even if at times I can't publish it (writing on the bus or ship), I'll be able to do it as soon as we get to the hotel. I'm even going to attempt to write a little something from the cafe that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter at. Maybe a short story. We'll see. But it's much easier than writing on my little tiny keyboard on here with my big fingers. I can also write on my iPhone if I so choose. Or anything with bluetooth capability. Ah, the joys of technology.

But yes. I'm finally getting super nervous. My house needs to be cleaned...deeply cleaned. And it hasn't been done. Things need to be put up so the cat can't knock them down for the dogs to eat. I also need to get my walk-in closet - errrrrr - spare bedroom cleaned up because we have a house inspection coming up the week after we get back. That's not terribly stressful, I have some time...except that Danny leaves for a week 2 hours after we get back from our trip. No kidding, 2 hours. It's cute they're waiting for him. Hehe. Anyways. I'm starting to get stressed but trying not to.

I think that in Amsterdam we're going to hit up the Anne Frank House. I wanted to go to Madame Tous...the wax museum (instead of slaughtering the spelling I gave up) but it's pretty pricey. So I think that we'll do the Anne Frank house and maybe one of the other museums, one of the art museums. No, we won't be (intentionally) going to the Red Light District or to any "coffee shops". Taylor will be with us and we're going to be on an MWR trip, though Danny would never participate in "coffee", I never would on an MWR trip....I'm not sure I would at all, but especially not there. I'm not as excited about Amsterdam as I think I would be in the Spring. I <3 Tulips. But it'll still be nice.

I'm beyond ready for Scotland and the crazy weather...the snow/rain/shine...whatever happens, I'm ready. The castle. I still haven't been into or seen a castle up close so seeing one in Scotland for my first one...well, I'm okay with that. You know, Hogwarts is in Scotland. Special.

So I cut my hair more, it's a very pixie now. I'm coloring it tomorrow. I think I'd do it tonight but I'm just too tired...packing took 2 hours and was intense. Danny is going to work on the Xterra and I'm cleaning and hairing. That's a word, shhhhhh.

Okay I'm ending this...I really just wanted to play with the new keyboard. That was the whole point of this blog. And it is accomplished. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!