April 18, 2011

Day #2

Today's challenge is a picture of myself and the person that I have been the closest with the longest.  That's tricky.  There are a lot of people that I have been close with for a very long time.  But I'm going to have to stick with the one that I always turn to when I feel like I am going to break or when things are the best.
I still remember the night like it was yesterday even thought it was 1996...Korn had played so loud my ears were ringing.  I had just colored my hair and inky purple and my ears and sides of my face matched.  Luckily it was dark inside the Saltair.  After the show, Ian, Ryan and I were waiting outside for our ride when the guys spotted their friend, Chad.  They started talking to him.  Chad was there with his friend Alisha.  She and started talking.  The rest is history.

Yes, I met my BFF at a Korn concert.

30 by 30/day 1

Since I turned 30 today I decided to do the 30 day challenge even though pretty much everyone has past that but whatever, I decided to wait till now cause it just made sense.  So here goes.

 This is a picture of me, from today.  My smile is totally cheesy, forced and all.

Ten Facts-
1.  Utah is the Beehive State.  That's why my cake was shaped like a Beehive.  I'm perpetually homesick.
2.  My hair is longer right now than it has been in...since before my lung collapsed...whenever that was...2008? I always have VERY short hair.
3.  I am enrolled in 4 year college for the first time ever...at 30.  Better late than never.
4.  I am currently watching Without A Paddle for the first time ever.  Surprising.  It's hilarious.
5.  If someone would have told me how loud both Bulldogs and Great Danes snore I may have rethought at least one of the breeds...probably not.
6.  I am obsessed with shopping online.  I don't always buy the things I put into carts, it's like window shopping...only online.  It's because I can't actually go into Target anymore I guess.
7.  I have to write a 10 page paper in APA format in 7 days.  That's not too difficult I guess.  I should have been working on it in the past few weeks but my medication has been making me loopy it's been impossible to focus.  Ew.
8.  I also have finals coming the end of this month.  Double ew.
9.  I should be sleeping.  Fact.
10.  This is a LOT harder than I thought it would be.

I was prepared to write more of a blog but I was distracted by the movie and stuff and it's now almost 3am so I'm just going to have to end this and write day 2 today/tomorrow whatever.