December 29, 2010

sneeze sneezey sneezile...

I am not a fan of sneezing.  It makes me scared my eyeballs will pop out of my head.  How's that for a strange phobia?

My life feels extremely anticlimactic right now.  I don't have anything to look forward to right now.  I just got my license.  Christmas is over.  I guess there is always New Years...but I don't have any plans.  I am certain it will be spent the same as any other night.  Watching Angel or Buffy.  Which is okay but nothing to look forward to.

Being sick sucks.  My brain feels fuzzy.  I haven't been sick in such a long time it's weird to be sick now.  I've begun to get sick but it never turned into a full on cold.  This time it definitely is a full on head cold.  I am sneeze-y and swollen glands...all that.  I blame the fierce cold.  It's been cold before today, frigidly brrrrrr.  But this morning when I went out with the dogs it was -3*.  And I was wearing a hoodie and my new Christmas PJ pants and slippers from Grams.  But just a hoodie.  I'm dumb.  I'll never learn.  I have a warm coat...and 2 pea coats...and Danny's huge winter coat if I wanted to steal it...but I prefer to just wear a hoodie.  I have no explanation other than I feel claustrophobic in a big coat.  One day I will learn.

I painted my nails last night...first a coat of red glitter, then teal, and then purple.  It looks pretty cool.  And it matches my hair.  I also cut my hair last night and it was way cute...till I fell asleep.  Now I look like Alfalfa from Lil Rascals.  It's sticking up allllll over the place.  I just cut the back.  I held on as long as I could, not cutting it.  It was touching my shoulders.  But since the rest of my hair isn't even chin length yet I felt like I had a mullet or at very least the Carol Brady hair going on.  Neither are acceptable.  I just graduated the back some, over directed to previous on each section and now it's cute.  I really shouldn't cut my own hair but it did turn out cute so it's alright.

I guess I should go, really I'm just rambling.  I need to make my Cup O'Noodle and drink my coffee to get rid of the vitamin C taste in my mouth.  Then, I shall sleep. I won't.  But I can read!


December 28, 2010

I become legal...

I finally got my USAREUR license today.  So now I can drive slightly above the speed limit (and still get passed...have I mentioned how fast Audi's are?!?! Wow...when they pass me it's just a blur of rings) and not fear getting beaten by the police.  I liked all of the learning, especially the silly things.  Like that the Polizei can beat me up for...pretty much anything lol.  They can use force for a great many things.  It makes me very glad that I am a very boring law abiding citizen most of the time.  I also learned it's illegal to run over frogs.  And it's enforced.  Not that I'd run a frog over anyways.  I learned a lot.  Most importantly, I passed.  91%.  I was hoping to get a higher score but that just means I missed 9 questions...I guess that's not too bad since I only studied for about 45mins last night and there are a lot of weird laws (mostly right-of-ways and signs that are confusing...they have signs for EVERYTHING).  I can drive!!!!! I want to go to Czech like tomorrow.  But I probably won't.  Primarily because it won't stop snowing.  ARGH!

I got to talk to my Uncle and Dale last night, that was cool.  And good timing cause now I'm getting sick and won't want to talk.  My throat is closing up and I'm going to die cause I won't be able to breath...since my nose is also un-working.  I'm a tad dramatic.  I hate head colds though.  They are lame.  My neck and head feel like hell and I wouldn't be surprised, un-dramatically, if my head explodes.  Hmm, guess that's dramatic too.  I wonder if I started wearing a coat regularly if it would help.  I am more comfortable in hoodies.  Coats are overrated.  Except that I'm quite certain that a coat might help though.

So my awesome DC boots.  I still love them (though I shouldn't say "mine" since actually I ended up with Taylors and she took the ones I ordered for myself).  But.  Well...they aren't "quick on".  Okay, they're quick on but then hard to get off.  My foot does not want to come out.  I probably needed the size up.  And the liner thing just de-velcro's itself and comes out with my foot.  It's irritating.  If I'm going to wear them for a while they are amazing.  They are super comfy and obviously adorable.  But if I need to throw some boots on quickly to chase dogs or something (and I want to take them off quickly) they are not the boots.  So with my Uncle money I decided to get some easier to slip on boots.  I hope they work like that.  I hate not being about to try boots on.  My feet are too damn big.  Sigh.  It wasn't getting the boots.  They were $32 and the things I got Taylor and Danny were around $20 each.  But I also got one thing for all of hopefully they forgive me.  I am putting pictures of the items here.  Primarily because I see that Lajo is "following" me and she'll appreciate the shirts, but also because I may talk Pete into checking out the blog.  So here we go:
This one is for Danny.  He likes the slapping.

  this one is for Taylor.  She wanders around saying this.  Which could be disturbing because it might mean she loves Barney Stinson as much as I do...and that's bad for her.  Good for me cause I've loved Neil since he was playing doctor on TV the first time...anyways, yes, she will love this shirt.
 My boots! They are Doc Martens <3 I went with the bright sun yellow cause they will make me feel less cold.  It's a theory.  It might work.  We'll see lol they are amazingly cute either way.
And this is for all of us.  We love Chuck very much.  I love Chuck for obvious reasons, I think Danny loves Sarah for also obvious reasons as well.  And I haven't even mentioned John Casey yet.  Mmm.  Taylor likes the show cause it's action packed but mostly hilarious.  And probably slightly more appropriate than How I Met Your Mother.

So yes.  That marks the end of the Christmas shopping.  With the exception of Grams everyone sent us Amazon gift cards.  It was kinda fun to be able to pick stuff myself, and still a surprise for Danny and Tay.  They don't know about that stuff up thurr.  I told Danny I was going to buy expensive boots and that was it.  Muwahahahahaha! I like surprising them.  I hate surprises for myself.  It's a control freak thing.

Soooo.  I really need to sleep.  Jasmine is sleeping over with Taylor and I *know they will wake me up early.  I have to be coherent enough to make coffee and muffins in the morning.  Coffee being the most important part of that equation.  And even though I am beyond exhausted I know I can't sleep.

I just realized that I have had this hair color longer than any other...probably ever.  I have touched up the red, green and purple once...and that's it.  I haven't cut up the black.  It's been a month and a half.  I have about 1/2 an inch of new growth which drives me crazy but I don't have the desire to fix it since it's not obvious at all.  I don't have the desire to change it either.  I really like these colors.  Inside they're subtle if noticeable at all but outside you can really see them.  I like that.  At my advanced age a little subtlety is a good thing.  I did find a grey hair while I was doing my vivid color touch up.  In the spot of hair that turned white when I had a collapsed lung.  I am thinking that just one or two is an improvement from that spot so I'm not worried about it.  Except I do feel a little ancient.  But I feel that way without the grey hairs so it's really nothing new.

Welllllll...since it's 2am I should probably stop writing.  Even if I can't sleep, I shall try.  It will be a valiant effort.


December 26, 2010

time to re-start

It's been a long while since I've blogged and I miss it.  I pulled this up several times only to have something come up so I never finished a blog to the point I could actually post it.  I am determined today.  Taylor is out playing with Jasmine and her little sisters, Danny is doing laundry (yay, not me!) and the dogs are being quiet for once.  I should say Stella is being quiet for once, Charlie is always quiet unless she is hopping fences.  Stella, however, is not a quiet puppy.  She gets especially loud when Taylor leaves without her these days.  She's been spoiled.  Jasmine has an English Bulldog named Bella (Stella & Bella, awwwww) so they get to have play dates all the time.  They're good fat Bullys so they traipse after the girls without leashes on...lets face is, a 9 and 11 year old can run faster than either Bully could even dream to do.  Poor Charlie and Max don't ever get to do anything fun.  Max is a giant Doberman and the girls could *not run as fast as him.  Of course, as I was typing, they came to get Stella.  Now Charlie is pouting.  Doggy drama.

We've been here for almost exactly 3 months.  Sometimes it seems like much much longer and sometimes like no time has passed at all.  We have explored the little towns near out house and driven the hour or so to Regensburg for the Christmas market.  Aside from the parking lot (SCARY! we drove the Xterra sightseeing for the first and last's just too big!) it was completely awesome.  Like walking in a fairytale land.  I liked seeing the vendors and all they had to see.  I liked drinking the hot mulled wine, Gluehwein.  I loved eating at the delicious Italian restaurant in the center of town.  But the blows me away.  Regensburg has such a rich history and is truly a medieval town.  I felt the same awe I used to feel of more simple things as a child.  When I walked around the corner and found the huge beautiful German Gothic cathedral...I honestly couldn't breathe for a minute.  It was sheer euphoria and very dramatic.  I have pictures but they don't do it justice as it was snowing and dark, not a good combination.  We plan a trip back during the day when it warms up a little.

Right now we don't have major plans to visit anywhere else.  I'd like to go to Prague soon as it is closer than much of Germany, but even that isn't rushed.  We have 3 years to explore.  This summer the Xterra is paid off so that will free up quite a bit of money for travel.  It will be good timing for heading to Oktoberfest (in September).  We mostly plan on taking the trips that the Army organizes.  They provide transportation and arrange for most everything, all we will have to do is show up and pay.  That way we can enjoy the trip more than stress about the details.  That will all start next year, I am sure.  This year it's more about familiarizing ourselves with the immediate area and learning the language at least enough to communicate basic needs/civil conversation.

Christmas was yesterday.  It went rather well.  Taylor had a great Christmas, which is 99% of my reason for all the shopping stress haha.  One of Danny's gifts didn't make it, and neither did a couple of mine apparently.  So we'll have some more Christmas items coming sporadically.  I had a Very Harry Christmas.  A HP wallet, shirt, a Potter debate book, the HP cookbook...yay! I also got a map of OZ fop the map room and Tin Man.  A measuring cup set shaped like matryoshka's (the Russian stacking dolls)...some gauges...a Hatebreed shirt...and one of those electric picture frame'd think I'd know the name.  But I don't.  Ya know, ya shove a SD card in there, plug it in, and voila! Pictures slide show.  It's very cool.  Taylor got the entire world.  Too much to list.  The main part of her presents from us were the complete series of Buffy and well as the Ghoulia Yelps and Holt Hyde doll.  She's spoiled rotten.  Danny got a Kindle, a case for it, a skin for it (that isn't here yet) and the last 3 seasons of The Shield that he didn't have.  Oh, and a Reaper Crew (Sons of Anarchy) beanie.  All in all, it was a good day.

Tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to go to Vilseck so I can take my driving test.  I am not looking forward to it for many reasons.  One of which is that we have to leave at about 6:30am.  The next is that it's a test.  For driving.  In Europe.  No stress or anything though (right).  What I am doing right now is procrastinating studying.  I need to study a little, take the practice test and study the things I miss a little more, then take it again.  That's how I used to study at school and I never failed a test (except that one that we ALL failed but there was nothing to study for that test and it was on Laws, Rules, Regs and Safety/Sanitation).  There is also apparently an hour or two that they talk and go over things.  So I should be good.  Hopefully.  Apparently a LOT of people fail.  Sigh.

It's the day after Christmas and I already have the urge to put all things Christmas away.  It's not bah-humbug-gy when it's after Christmas, right? I hope.

I guess I should stop writing and get started.  I really don't want to though.  I really don't want to go sit in a room full of strangers, either.  Ew.  Oh well, I only have to do it once (unless I fail) so I just need to suck it up.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of magic, family, and good food!